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My Story

Melting History and Drama


Theater always took a very important place in my life. I started drama lessons in my early years and played my first characters at Menthon Saint Bernard Castle during the dramatized tours.

Then, I became passionate about history and history of arts since I was spending time in such a beautiful monument. So, I graduated a bachelor's degree in History at Lyon University.

Then, I finally understood that my job will me to tell stories about History. So I studied cultural mediation with a Master's Degree in Heritage and Museums at Troyes University. It allowed me to obtain the Oficial Guide Licence.

Guiding tours is so fulfilling for me. I just love to share my knowledge and understanding of the landscapes surrounding us, the architecture and the events. I want to show that you only need to know where to look at to found something amazing. Finally, I love guiding you through the mysteries of History.

Senior's year project

Poster for the local newspaper NOthe

Presentation poster of the project

Notre-Dame church, Villemaur-sur-Vanne

Explaining signs located inside the monument

One of the main project of my senior's year was to conceive a cultural route made of five panels to learn about the Villemaur's church. My colleague Mathilde Muller completed this work with her booklet. Together, we worked to highlight this amazing heritage of Troyes and region's golden age in art, sculpture and architecture.


Article of the local newspaper La n'Othe


Villemaur's church, nave and rood screen (XVIe)

Villemaur's church, outside and bell tower  (XVIe)

Internship at IMAJ, UNESCO Observatory

I did my first Master's degree internship at the Youth Art Worldwide Institute (IMAJ : Institut Mondial d'Art de la Jeunesse), UNESCO Observatory. This cultural foundation based in the French city of Troyes is a reference in the city as in its Region, in Europe and in the World by participating in a cultural network held by the UNESCO. "Recording childhood and youth in humanity's memory" is the main goal of IMAJ. It organizes many art contests and exhibitions to this end. I indeed participated in the making process and mediation of two of these expos which you can give a look here. 

I first designed from the beginning to the end the exhibition "Techniques en herbe" using the winners of the International Art Contest organized by IMAJ. I created the scenario, plates and signs, exhibition catalogue and game booklet for children with different levels.

première de couv.png

Exhibition catalogue, Techniques en herbe

panneaux parties.png

Explaining signs, Techniques en herbe


My colleague Anne-Lyse and I worked on game booklets, games, plates and signs for the main exhibition "Graines d'artistes du monde entier". During the time of the expo, we did welcome schools groups and individuals doing tours.

Booklet 7-9 yo, Graines d'artistes du monde entier

Video clip, Graines d'artistes du monde entier

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